Corvair Engine - 1964 case with 1965 heads and cylinders

These are pictures of my 1964 Corvair engine that is almost complete and ready for final assembly and test run for aircraft conversion.  It has a fresh cmagnaflux tested and polished GM nitride crank - main and rod journals standard w/threaded safety shaft, Otto 10 cam, stainless valves with fresh valve job, exhaust manifold (original GM log type), forged pistons (.060 oversize), fresh bored cylinders (.060 oversize) with new rings. Rods rebuilt and balanced.  Pistons installed on wrist pins and all new main and rod bearings (standard size).  Engine is equipped with starter, alternator with mounts.  It has a geared flywheel for starter with correct starter gear.  New top cover plate and all new gaskets.  Prop hub with alternator installed.  This engine has been trial assembled to be sure all parts are correct and fitted.  It should be taken apart and reassembled and bolts torqued properly.  Oil pan and oil filter assembly are original GM as is the oil cooler.  The distributer is standard with new points, cap and wires.  All new spark plugs.

So, if you are interested in a complete Corvair aircraft conversion engine ready for your assembly and test this is almost everything you will need (depending on your aircraft choice).  It does not have the fifth bearing used on a lot of conversions today, but that can be easily added if required.  I am available to help assemble and test run if you are located in Southern California.  I have all GM shop manuals as well as the manual from "The Corvair Authority".  I am willing to make someone a great deal on this engine as I recently bought a Piper Tomahawk and will not be building my own aircraft as planned.

I have been involved in several Corvair aircraft engine conversions and am very familiar with most overhaul, flight and maintenance situations.

Check out the pictures shown below as most items of interest are shown.  Please email me at or call me at (760) 468-4532 for answers to any questions.


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